my name is abigail louise and my husband is ralph david

little did i know growing up... 
i was going to marry the boy down the street.

that darling boy known for his light brown shag and baseball hats.

before we ever talked, we square danced in a field
and became best friends shortly after.

the night before he left home for two years,
we sat over settebello's pizza and gelato talking about our future,
and looking at him, i secretly hoped i was apart of his plan.

we wrote many letters for two long years
him in el salvador and me in china & salt lake.
we were inseparable the second he came home.

after dozens of trips to the cabin in bear lake, holidays, 
countless nights ordering thai food and frozen yogurt,
 trips to california, a surprise birthday trip to boston...

on a christmas trip to new york city he proposed in central park at dusk
and we tied the knot on a pretty day in june.

now we are living the newlywed life
being mr. and mrs. gochnour

me as a graphic designer, and him a future business man.

life is beautiful!