autumn leaves

october is always fleeting, but this year it slipped out of my fingertips so so so quickly. i'm usually so great at accomplishing my usual abigail traditions (i'm big on those things if you haven't noticed!) but lately we have been consumed with grown up things. ralph interviewing and recruiting, nannying, jobs, and night classes (for ralph, not me. phewf. thank goodness) although i'm a little depressed when i realize i didn't even carve a pumpkin, i did get to bask in all of autumn's beauty in my utah mountains, host our annual halloween costume party, listen to my october playlist all month long, and wear my sweaters and boots with a big smile on my face.

september and october are pure magic, but so is november and december! eek! i am so ready. (the last four months of the year are the BEST months of the year. in my humble opinion) anywho, here is a little glimpse of some of our fall so far.

this time of year makes me extremely nostalgic. i took prince henry over to one of my most favorite streets for a walk. i lived on this street in college for two years with five incredible girls, and i can't even begin to explain how much that experience meant to me. i love going back and reminiscing over some of the best times of my life! (big sap over here) three cheers for friendship, college, and hysterical dating stories :)

guardsman pass up big cottonwood canyon is a special place. anyone in utah who has been knows what i'm talking about. once september rolls around, it is all too common for me to take off in my car, head up that canyon and just blast my music and soak up the beauty. i crave it!

i did manage to get to the whole foods + trader joe pumpkin patch....that counts, right?

visiting baby ro! ralph looks prettttttty dang cute holding a babe. 

(and she stopped crying the second i handed her to him, so that felt good.....)

how am i supposed to react when i get this picture of my nephew hans in the alps?? this became my screensaver in two seconds. (this kid has more patagonia clothing than any human i know!)

and then we were pigs in a blanket! this years costume thought process was, how can we secretly wear pajamas but still  call it a costume... also, how i got ralph to wear pink from head to toe is beyond me.

do we talk about the fact that henry was a fisherman for halloween? i was in tears it was so hysterical.

these fairytale pumpkins were so gorgeous. the imperfect ones were my favorite and the most beautiful.

(there's a life lesson in there somewhere)

liberty park gets the gold medal (from me) this year. seriously gorgeous.

this was an exciting day (!!!!!!)

so basically if all our children have this face i will be thrilled!!!! i can't handle ralph's baby pictures! he was 10x cuter than me, and i am more  than fine with it. never pictured myself having toe heads but i guess it's a possibility?

welcome november! bring on the pumpkin pie.