my best friends wedding

my baby sister and best friend in the world got married two months ago! it was a dream. 
she looked like an angel all day long, and was truly glowing. 
i have never seen a happier bride or more in love couple. 

i instantly get emotional whenever i talk about my sister.
she is so special to me, its truly hard to put into words! 
 i'm convinced when we were in heaven, we ran full speed towards 
one another and said, "yep, this is it! we don't need another!"

when i say she is my best friend, that is a total understatement.
we are fiercely loyal towards each other, and i trust her with my life.
we have no secrets, know every corner and inch of one another,
and never have to worry about being judged or misunderstood, the best type of friend.
i don't think we have ever had an argument that hasn't ended five minutes later
because we can't stand to be upset with one another.

she met cute michael when they were in jr. high, and i honestly knew
deep down (even though they didn't date until senior year of high school)
they were a match. dead serious, she wrote in his seventh grade yearbook
"my sister said she thinks we will date in high school, and i'm okay with that!"
(....such a flirt in the seventh grade haha)

they are the definition of being in love, and compliment each other tremendously.
they are both so sweet, sensitive, and have such tender souls, but also
are both hilarious and so much fun. you will never catch these two speaking poorly of anyone
which is so refreshing, and reflect what good souls they have.
they couldn't be better together, which makes her easier to send as a big sister.

congratulations to those darling love birds!
love you both, so!