summer adieu

even though i am running (more like sprinting) towards autumn, 
this summer deserves lots of credit for being top notch.

highlights //

anniversary trip to seattle with ralph babe
 my baby nephew hans joining the world, what did we ever do without him!
fireworks over the lake on the fourth in bear lake
best trip down south to lake powell with friends
spending time in my favorite place, jackson hole
welcoming home darling sister gochnour from nova scotia,
and watching my baby sister and best friend get married.
(more on that lata)

and now, summer officially feels in the past. 
the air feels crisp in the morning, i have a cold and have made lots of hot soup,
and the leaves are starting to turn (!!!) football is on at all hours at our apartment, 
and i'm burning all my favorite candles. so happy i can't help myself! (even with this cold).
i know i share my love for autumn with most everyone, but who can blame us?
there is a certain magic this time of year, that every other season seem to lack.
but here is my final farewell to summer, with a big high five.