meet me at the fair

i love the state fair!
it's something i think everyone needs to experience to welcome the fall.
this year we were watching our favorite family while it was going on, so we loaded
them (+ two of their friends....) in the car and headed down. 
ralph + abigail vs. six children the whole night. 

either a we-are-the-coolest-babysitters-ever decision, 
or just a what-on-earth-were-we-thinking decision. 

regardless, we had a lot of fun! we went on the giant yellow slide twice, used gallons of hand 
sanitizer, ate the most expensive corn dogs on the planet, won a donut pillow, and wondered truly
where all the people who attend the fair hide during the rest of the year
serious question. such gems walking around that place. we'll see ya next year, fair!