bachelorette fiesta

this little senorita is getting married one week from today! 
isn't she the cutest thing? i loved planning her bachelorette party and thinking
of a theme i thought she would love. this gal is fluent in spanish, and loves all
things mexican. so having a fiesta for a bachelorette party felt like a no brainer! 

we started the night off by eating at the rio grande in downtown salt lake city, 
forcing her to wear this flower crown i made the whole night. 
then we were off to a sleepover at the little america hotel!

all the little details are my favorite part!

i think papel picado banners are so darling, so the night before i decided
to make one myself. took me a hot minute to cut out all those shapes, 
but it was worth it! 

for one of the games i drew up this mexican silhouette haha 
(don't look too closely)

i love that there are "mexican wedding cookies" and 
so that was one of the first things i thought of when planning. 
i got these from a mexican bakery and they were actually really good! 

cutest soda bottles!

not all the girls are pictured, but it was such a fun group! 
em is so lucky to have such sweet, and darling friends. 

my favorite girl in the world!!!!

lots of ricky martin and enrique was played, while
she opened some cute & funny gifts, and got some advice. 
loved celebrating my favorite bride!