sleepless in seattle

seattle! what a dream. we decided to come here for a long 
weekend over our second anniversary. i associate rainy, cloudy weather with 
this place but we had sunshine and blue skies the whole time! we were lucky. 
the first thing we did was head to gasworks park. i had heard about this place, 
but had nooo idea how much we would love it! it's a beautiful park that
looks over the seattle skyline and lake union. if you ever go to seattle, i highly recommend it!

if i lived in seattle, i would be here every single night!

how adorable and darling are these houseboats?! i mean, come on. 

we went to molly moon's for ice-cream in the university district. 
you can smell their waffle cones from the street. ralph got raspberry sorbet, and i got 
salted caramel. delish. 

our darling airbnb! she had a little breakfast spread all ready for us, and 
one of my favorite candles! i promise it smells like heaven.

she also gave us these darling seed packets. i live for this kind of detail.

we hit up pike's place first thing in the morning.

my kind of view!

this was a lot more disgusting than i had anticipated...hahaha

ralph LOVES aquarium's randomly haha so we made a stop here!

the jellyfish are always my favorite to watch

so many darling shops!

the london plane...another place i highly recommend!
brunch with fresh flowers, pastries and gifts. dreamy place.

this is the face i get in 99% of our pictures. 

we did the ferris wheel on the harbor, and we loved it as well. 
best way to see the city and space needle!

we ate at portage bay cafe the next morning. 
they have a fresh berry bar where you can load as many fresh berries and fruit 
as you want on your breakfast. it was amazing. 

we also decided, the best way to see lake union (and the sleepless in seattle house)
was on a rowboat! such a cool experience. planes were landing and taking off SO close to us.

see that plane?! they were waving at us haha it was so cool.

i even had the sleepless in seattle soundtrack playing on my phone...
i have dreamed of seeing this houseboat in real life forever, and everyone
who knows me knows that sleepless in seattle and you've got mail are basically sacred to me ha
so i will go great lengths to visit the locations! it was everything i dreamed of and more :)
(as was the you've got mail brownstone we saw in october...HA creep alert)

my personal rower :) he sweat while i basked all of lake union's glory

another seattle thing i highly recommend, elliott bay's bookstore in capital hill. 

so much charm!

ferry to bainbridge island!

the shops. i can't get enoughhh.

here i go again. visiting meredith grey's house in grey's anatomy...
i'm weird i get it!!

best best view from kerry park in queen anne.

i caved and ignored many fancier/foodie dinner options 
so ralph could get a burger and fries from the famous drive in, dick's!

our anniversary morning! we went to ballard, and hit up the sunday farmer's market. 

ralph bought me a peony for our anniversary, and we got some
yummy street taco's as we listened to some live music on the street

exchanged anniversary cards, my favorite part!

another unexpected treat was seeing the ballard locks.
ralph loved it. 

see the little seal!? haha just cruising along.

we hit up the washington woodland zoo before our flight. 
that place is like a jungle! so green and beautiful.

and me forcing ralph to pose with the penguins. 
we loved you seattle!!!!