hello, again!

i'm eating fresh peaches in my cereal, listening to my 4th of july playlist non stop, 
and my AC just blew out which only means one thing...summer is here! 

even though it is over 98 degrees everyday, 
i am happy as a clam. busy is our normal, but it is really great!
here are some iphone shots of things happenin' in our neck of the woods.

peony season happened at trader joes (me and this other girl caught each other taking pictures 
of them and had a good laugh) // celebrated mothers day with my child! 

spent a saturday at my favorite pool in the world up in the avenues with 
my whole family. it was a treat! 

this cheese platter was incredible. i made this calligraphy seating chart and 
it was so fun to see displayed at the reception!

more pool days, and the view outside our front door all of may! (a DREAM!)

setting up for a wedding i helped with alongside my darling sister and mother in law!

found some amazing fabrics and went to an ed sheeren concert with my cute friend becca kamauoha. 
i was offered them thirty minutes before and so it was a pleasant and fun surprise! 
(he is incredible live!)

wedding stuff ALL MONTH LONG! seriously! and my cute friend cath does darling
flowers, so piper and i took some home after a friend's shower!

walks in this dreamy mountain neighborhood with my bud. 
and my favorite little concoction i make on our stove to help our apartment smell good!

you guys. i finally got my ear re-pierced! if you know me, you know this is huge. 
long time comin'. i showed up to claire's with my sister (and all the other 12 year olds)
and sat on that chair once again. it was hilarious. i never thought i would be rubbing that solution
from that purple bottle on my ear every night again, but here we are! 

henry after he swam in bear lake, he looked SO cold and darling, i put a blanket
on him and he was so thankful haha. 
also, lucy my sister in law graduated from high school! isn't she BEAUTIFUL! 
and jake isn't so bad either :)

book club in my parents backyard // and my first smore of the season! YES!

delivering gifts // more signs! are we sick of seeing these? my apartment is a workshop. 

badminton at my cousins // couldn't resist this little prince's GRIN. he smiles for the camera. 
he is a natural born model. and yes, this blog is probably 90% of henry. HA

little glimpse into my amazing week in lake powell with friends. 
i'm in denial it's over. everyone needs to go at least once a year.
good for the soul! 

more on that comin' when i have more than five seconds of free time. 

happy summa!