barth haven weekends

we were able to spend the past two weekends in a row at the best place!
we went up memorial day with my whole family, then the next weekend with some friends.
already craving my next trip! 

the view from my bedroom in barth haven.
sometimes i feel like i am in a european cottage when i am up there!

this place. 
we eat great, sleep GREAT (best sleeps of my life happen up there)
play hard, and LOUNGE hard. haha it's the best of everything! 

there is a barn in the yard, where my brother loves to tinker around.
he will be in there for hours and hours at a time working on random things. 
his latest project is laying restored wood to make a wooden floor. 
he is the most handy person around, he can fix ANYTHING. 

we went on a hike memorial day morning, up in fish haven canyon. 
i love all the colored rooftops and rolling hills. 

the next weekend we invited some friends to enjoy the weekend up there. 
it was SO warm, and such a fun refreshing getaway from everyday life. 
the second we got up there we made chocolate chip cookies (then ate them all) and watched movies.

the boys woke up at the crack of dawn to go golfing 
(ralph literally POPS out of bed at six am to golf because he is so dang excited haha) 
so the girls made breakfast, went running and on walks, and lounged. this pretty sight on our walk!

this red barn never gets old to look at! 

jessica and anna catching some rays and reading. 

lunch and shakes at la beau's is a must! the raspberry shake is honestly the best in the world. 
their huckleberry is up there as well!

you bet we went go-carting right after. 

we learned a new scandinavian game called kubb that jama brought up, i am addicted!

we ended our little vaca with a bonfire in the yard. summer is here!!!!

until next time!