quarter of a century

twenty five! mid twenties! ah!
this always sounded like a big deal birthday growing up. 
and it's weird to say i am twenty five, but things are good, life is good, 
and the birthday was good. i was worried it would be a big bust since 
ralph had two finals (morning + night) so i already knew i wouldn't see him all day. 
i was planning on having a little solo-party, but he made sure i was 
taken care of and luckily i have a darling family and friends who made it very sweet!

my birthday eve was spent with the sweetest friends who always make 
my birthday very special. we ordered settebello pizza take out, and went to eat it 
at memory grove park in downtown salt lake.  
it's tradition that on everyones birthday to give gifts and go around 
and say what we love about the birthday girl and ask questions about the past year and one to come. 
so basically you always leave this night feeling extra good about yourself and 
lucky to have such sweet and genuine friends. 

we decided to finish the night at hires for shakes. 
they added salted carmel and red velvet shakes. dang good.

i got a kiss on the forehead in the pitch black at 4:45 a.m. and that was the most i saw 
ralph on my birthday. ha! so sad he had to spend the whole day taking tests and 
studying but waking up to this was the sweetest surprise!
he had these roses, and when i called to thank him he said they 
were the most mexican looking flowers he could find. ha! loved it. 
(perks of being a cinco de mayo baby, always mexican theme!)

went to breakfast with my sissy emilie and both of my cute parents! 
we went to roots cafe, which i HIGHLY recommend. 

my best fweeeeend.
and who i can always count on to split meals with, since we always
want the same thing. soul mates.

i got to work and an hour later, hay and emilie took me to get pedicures! 
 and on the way back, she dropped me off to get a massage which ralph had all ready for me!
(WHAT) i never get massages, so it was a delightful treat and so thoughtful. 

can always count on my dad for taking me to get my fave yogurt. 
pistachio at lunaberry! 

hayley told me to get in the car and we were on to the next! 
red iguana on cinco de mayo! which also means LONG WAIT. 
but we loved chatting and i had the cutest group there who came.

hayley brought this perfect, DARLING little birthday cake for me. 
i am obsessed!!!

sweetest babes.

after dinner, hayley dropped me off to the new theatre in sugarhouse where my cute mom, sisters, and brothers girlfriend were all waiting to see the new age of adeline movie! GOSH! the surprises never ended. it was so so fun and the perfect finish to a fab day.
it was POURING rain and thunderstorms the rest of the night which i loved. 
i came home to ralph completely passed out on the couch (poor guy)
and the sweetest gifts dropped off. 

my babe cousin maria took me to finn's for breakfast, which is a little tradition.

she got me a vintage alice in wonderland book which is to DIE for, the pages 
filled with darling illustrations, but nothing tops her personalized drawing and watercolor note. 
she isn't human, i'm convinced.

as if that all wasn't enough, ralph and caroline planned a surprise party for 
me that following saturday with all my best friends and family. 
GOSH! i feel embarrassed by how much was done for me, but it made me feel so loved! 

this girl also deserves a big shout out for going above and beyond. 
thank you everyone for making 25 a fun year to ring in. 
i'm a lucky girl!