the oc

just got home from one of the best trips i've had in a while!
i probably say that after every trip because they are all wonderful, but this time
my whole family + extended family headed down to orange county
for my cousin mark's wedding. it was beyond fabulous.

these flowers all over laguna kill me.

my mom, sister, grandma and i flew in a few days early so 
we could extend the trip, and help my aunt susan with 
any last details. it was the perfect escape from a very busy time for me! 

we had a little shower with cami before everyone rolled in at nicks in san clemente. 
hooooooly cow. unreal mexican food. honestly. and butter cake to top it off. no words.

we were able to attend the newport temple for a session with cami for her first time.
love being with some of my favorite people in such an amazing place.

spent one evening at the beach watching my cute little cousins out surfing. 
such an average night for them! 

friday morning everyone rolled in on the same flight, and ralphie! 
i hadn't seen him in over a week, so it was extra sweet when i saw him. 
we all met up at ruby's for breakfast because it's ralph's number one fave breakfast place. 
and yes he ordered a chocolate shake at 8 am. 

we headed straight to the beach. it was a perfect, perfect beach day. 

this is how we all felt about it.

britt trying to catch a ball or praising the sun? probably both.

michael did not hesitate for five seconds before leaping into the ocean water. 

these two.

now on to the wedding festivities!