the oc | wedding time

like i said, this wedding was beyond perfection.
 i loved every single minute.

the gorgeous bride! she is flawless i'm telling you. 
she got her top on ebay and had it custom fit and a separate skirt for the bottom. 
it was so unique and looked so great on her. 

my darling cousin mark! he is the biggest sweetheart and a profesh surfer.

he wore my papa dee's gold tie clip! 

perfect florals

the newport temple is a dream!

i have pretty much no words about the reception. 
it was at a home in newport, in the prettiest neighborhood i've ever seen. 
you could randomly pick any house in the neighborhood and i would drool.

every yard had an impeccable lawn and flowers.

man purse. he can work it.

soooo ya.

my cousin michael who lives in new york city (and is a designer for cartier, normal)
 and his british friend victor who works for project runway and is fabulous. 
casually showing us pictures of him hanging with rhianna + other celebs. 

this SWING.

when can i move in. not kidding.

hey carol.

i don't know how many times i can say flawless in a post but i'll say it again.