down south

this past weekend we decided (about a few hours before) that we 
wanted to head down south to st. george for a couple days! my brother works there so 
we had a place to stay, and so we loaded the car up with my siblings and took off.  

i love a good car ride if i have good tunes, a sketchbook, and cinnamon bears. ha! 

perfect weather

prettiest place! (ralph said, let me guess, you LOVE all that natural light. ha! guilty)

i don't get down to southern utah as much as i should, and i always forget just 
how beautiful those red rocks are. 


after our fun little hike, we got a yummy breakfast and headed straight to the pool. 

zero pictures of people because our skin looked FRIGHTENINGLY pale. 
oh my goodness. we were all bawling laughing because we were basically fluorescent. 

went for a yummy thai dinner in downtown st. george called benja. 
long wait but yummy food!

there is a pretty pool in the backyard where scotty lives, and a bulldog buster. 
he was hilaaarious. so we hung out together for a while. i love all doggies!

pickleball tournaments! 

until next time!