is it just me? but this year is already cruising so fast!
maybe because i am busier than ever, (and trust me, i don't say that as a 
compliment to myself. productive? way good. busy? nah.)
BUT i love everything i am doing, all my projects are things i would 
love to do in my spare time so in saying that, i am happy. busy, but happy.
(and this quote is super random, but i liked it, so i wrote it. because it feels true.)

speaking of busy, i usually meet clients at 3 cups in holladay, because it is the prettiest coffee shop, 
aaaand maybe because their gelato is amazing, too. anyways, i walked in the other day 
for a meeting, and i must have looked awesome because that 
boy said, "you look really, really busy." HA. glad it shows......(yikes)

made these puppies sunday morning, because sunday breakfast with ralph is
one of my top favorite things ever. (my goal is to make a new one every sunday
so by the time i have children i have perfected my faves!) 
and this waffle recipe was pretty much perfect.
which is a big deal for me to say because MOST things i make are far from that...

i liked the recipe so much i made them for my mama on her birthday morning! 

i had to run to work right after i made them sadly. 

is she not the CUTEST person alive?! 

i wrote up this quote real quick because it could not be more true about my mom. 
most flowers and beautiful things remind me of her. 

waiting to go to a wedding and was wanting to stay in bed instead. 
for reals. 

we had a date night with my sister and her cute boyfriend. 
she made us a fancy homemade popcorn recipe she made on her mission. it was deeeelicious. 
p.s. have i mentioned how amazing it is having her home?! ah-mazing. times 3 million.

perks of being busy = a way clean apartment. 

don't worry i did a deep clean. 

thank the heavens above. couldn't help writing this lyric today because
this song is always appropriate and played on fridays for me. 
they should be for you, too.