winter sunshine

 this year has already been top notch. 
mainly because my darling emilie katharine came home to me!!!
i know i am a broken record, and this is all i have talked about lately but having her home exceeds
my happiness miles and miles. she is all things good, and makes me so happy.
our relationship is so special and something i cherish so much. i think anyone 
with a sister can relate to this. but man, did i score with this one.
i couldn't love a girl more.

the airport was such an amazing experience. i was already crying before she came down the 
escalators because i am a basket case. ralph was embarrassed. and then i lost it when i saw her. 
need proof?

liiiiiiiterally happiest moment of my life. i basically tackled her. 

the banner i made for em! 

helen louise! best person.

who hates pictures more than anything. hiding behind the banner.

the family is finally back together! 

we went to sawadee with the whole family after the airport and i couldn't stop staring at her. 

i took it upon myself to become her post mish companion. 
already made her sleepover at our apartment and run every errand possible with me.

our new favorite thing to do together is go to yoga! 
we aren't quite to the headstand stage....(HA) but we enjoy it. 

also, found this old photobooth strip of my dad, me and emilie and died. 
i look super shy and under control. :) 
(also, we always question what is quite on top of em's head...)

in other news, our cute relatives from stuttgart, germany were in town
so we got lots of quality time and fun family dinners with them. 

my obsession with book covers continues (for life)

salt lake is having an identity crisis.

one friday night (when it was actually cold outside) i had a brilliant idea!
i saw the blank wall in our bedroom and decided we would project a movie and 
have our own in theatre night. we popped some kettle corn (our current obsession) 
and watched pride and prejudice. it was dreamy, and one of my better ideas :) 

i finally cashed in on one of my christmas presents from ralph. a facial! 
HOW WAS THIS MY FIRST ONE. heaven on earth.

double nines and cookie night with my favorite friends! 
ralph wouldn't even look up he was too focused....

dinner for ralph's darling dad jeff at settebello!

i've been thinking about this gelato ever since.

strawberry yogurt and peanut butter. 
another excellent decision of this new year. 
(basically pb + j gelato...just trust me on this one)

went to an amazing funeral for one of the sweetest men i have ever met!
(i loved seeing his millions of 'things to do' cards because that is so something i do!)

drove up to logan the day my darling friend nicole had her second baby, henry!
he was only hours old and i couldn't take my eyes off his sweet face.
and she is a supermodel even after giving birth. 

endless grey's anatomy nights. that show is honestly theeeee best.
and also reminds me that i made a wonderful decision in life to not attempt medical school. 

this valentine banner was part-fail because you can't even read what it says...HAHA
not my finest craft. at least it added some red and pink in the apartment ;)

our cute friends drew and janessa dropped these AMAZING valentine cookies for us. 
tasted just as good as they looked. (yes this is past tense, they are all gone)

now we are nannying all valentines weekend (four kids under the age of 8)
so it will be SUPER romantic :)