baby mama valentines

happy (late) valentines day!! 
this year, i was a baby mama all weekend and ralph was a baby daddy.
we watched 4 adorable kids all weekend, and as always, it was so fun. 
(and a tiny glimpse at our future? mac + cheese and anastasia on valentines, woot woot!)

this little guy did NOT leave my side for a solid 5 days. 
see those little arms reaching for me? all day long. 
kinda made me feel way good about myself ;)

i made sure to do some night before shopping at trader joes to get some
valentine day essentials!

i loved seeing and remembering how magical valentines was in elementary school. 

these kids had SO MUCH CANDY. 

we had a fun german pancake breakfast on valentines morning
and they opened their cute valentine mailboxes their mom left for them!

ralph's best present was letting me sneak away to a yoga class
while he watched the 4 kids for a bit. i had been a mom for 2 days and already needed
a slight break..........(rookie)

we got the best gift from ralph's parents, going on a disney cruise in october! 
i've never been on a cruise but i know i love disneyland so i am ecstatic! 

he loves being outside and keeping us busy. this little dude needs
constant eyes on him 24/7.

sweetest little story time! 

valentines outfit ready to go.

hello kitty and that baby face all day.

we treated president's day as our valentines and woke up early 
and ate breakfast at finn's in sugarhouse. i love this little norwegian place!

ralph asked if i wanted to go on a hike......YES. 
i always want to go on a hike!!!

this salt lake weather is really confusing my brain. 
how is it february. how come i am in a short sleeve shirt. 
i've only scraped my car off a total of 15 times and it's usually 15 million.
(not complaining, just feels so odd!)

finished off the night with a fun dinner downtown, gifts, and crashing 
the second we got home after the fun but tiring weekend. 
i love getting ralph the most love-y treats i can find. even though 
i know he doesn't like dark chocolate and i would be the one 
eating that one....oops!

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