post christmas happiness movement

i feel like i have made a little bit of a break through. 
i have grown up just doggin' on january-march. 

*cue eye rolling and visions of me scraping my car in the early morning
and christmas trees on the side of the road... utter disgust!*

but something happened to me!
i love them now. 

i don't know exactly what triggered this new perspective.
i think a big chunk of it has to do with my being married, and cooped up a lot 
of nights with ralph, (who happens to be a lot of fun no matter what month it is)
and i have truly found these months to be super fun. 

a way more open calendar
movie nights and game nights on the regular
little pops of red for valentines showing up around town
deep cleaning my apartment and clearing my head for a new year
oscars, superbowl, lots of long weekends, and road trips for sunny getaways 

anyways. this little rant doesn't mean i am not sad to see christmas end, 
because it was everything wonderful and fabulous, but i am ready to get this year started. 
i hope everyone else looks at these next few months with a new perspective.
and if you want to come watch movies with ralph and i, come join in the new 
post christmas happiness movement!
i'm breaking out my homemade popcorn popper, it will be wild :)

p.s. i say this as i still haven't had the guts to take down my tree........