january | lately...

midnight ish // new years eve

  how we brought in the new year! two new years eve staples. 

  citris grill take out on the bed. winter break looked a lot like this.

   finally had to go back to the grocery store after the holiday parties ended. 
i don't think i went to the store all of december...!

   my favorite little store on main street in park city

that blue door is to die for!

my brother and sister in law announced on christmas they are PREGNANT. 
i couldn't be more excited!! (first time aunt, here) so i helped them create a little announcement. 
baby barth comin' july 2015! eek!

maybe i won't clean off this bowl of my gold gouache. 

   visiting my grandma maria. so many memories in her cute little kitchen.

   had a lot of fun planning a fun birthday for my dad (because january birthdays can be lame-o)

surprise party for the birthday boy

   ralph surprised me with some pretty red roses! that little cutie. 

   3rd row jazz game with these two beauties and our husbands! 

they are pretty cute guys. and they caught that ball so they were thrilled. 

gettin some calligraphy freelance done!

went up to logan to visit two of my best friends! 
we got court side seats to the aggie basketball, nicole made us the yummiest dinner 
(she is always my cook inspiration) got some aggie ice cream, and slept over watching
grey's anatomy all night. (perfect night in my mind!)

couldn't be more in love with little norah jane. 
she kept smashing me and ralph's name and called us "rabby" all night. 
that nickname kills me, but when her little voice says it i'm okay with it. 

so nicole is the perfect hostess?? i am making one of these baskets asap! 

while we were up there we went and got brunch at herm's inn with caroline + grady
who i miss on the daily. 

it is SO GOOD.

they hand out coffee and hot chocolate while you are waiting line...

coolest decor. 

my go to breakfast at a restaurant: veggie omelette with egg whites, hashbrowns and wheat toast!
it was unreal. 

everything was unreal. if you are in logan, GO!

our pretty view on the drive home. i don't take those utah mountains for granted!

not too shabby. 
sooooo who is the more attractive person in our relationship? HA!

ralph has gotten extremely into our little family budget, 
which is good...i keep telling myself that....
and he basically laughed when i asked how much i could spend on some valentine decorations. 
so i whipped out anything i had to make my own banner. 

visited my favorite letterpress studio bjorn press.
i'm like a kid in a candy store around paper and ink. 

my mother in law is an angel and gave this gallon of diet lemonade from chick fil a. 
it's my faaaavorite. did you know you could buy this in a gallon?! 
i didn't! told you she was the best. 

i love love love sweet potatoes, and one of my favorite treats is slicing them, and putting
them in my salads. i don't know what it is, but i crave it on the daily. 
if you want the recipe, please ask because it's amazing! 

my baby sister is coming home TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW. 
i honestly get the biggest chills and goosebumps when i think about it because
she is just my BEST friend. thinking of seeing her face at the airport and 
hugging her just makes me want to cry because i have missed her so much!!!

i was talking to my brothers, and we were all saying that she is by far the 
best part of our whole family, and her absence has been so strong the past 18 months!
we cannot WAIT! (i think i am the most excited...no one can replace my baby sister!)

did you really think i could end a post without prince henry?

and yes our tree stayed until january 14th. oops.