downtown holiday

my family has made a fun tradition of staying downtown before christmas.
my brother and his girlfriend were going to philadelphia for christmas, 
so it was a good chance to be with the whole fam! (minus baby sister em, who comes home 
in ONE MONTH. i repeat, ONE MONTH!) my little heart can't contain my excitement. 

it was so magical downtown! we went to dinner, saw the lights and grabbed some 
caramel apples from rocky mountain to take back to the grand america. 
pretty sure i could eat about 4 of those apple pie apples in one sitting. easy. 

the clan! i missed the black coat memo. 

these hot pink lights were my fave!

how amazing is this room?

macy's candy windows are always a must!

caramel apples in hand, ready to get the party started. 

ummm where has this candy store bonne vie been all my life?!

jazz performers playing christmas music all night. perfection. 

pool time

me and britt loving our robes. not taking them off. 

and the seven hour monopoly game that my brothers, dad and husband
took way too seriously. there were mergers, talks of equity, litigations, you name it. 
monopoly with finance boys is too classic. 

the next morning we ended our stay with waffles at bruges and a movie. 
thanks grand america!