december, december! i love you more than anything!
here are some (iphone, bad quality) pictures of this month so far. 

my beautiful friend megan got married the first week of december, 
the wedding was so gorgeous. so happy for the cute putnam's and so glad
i got to be a bridesmaid. she is the cutest friend.

i loved her bouquet, she was flawless! 

didn't even need a coat! this december has had the craziest weather. 
(as in no snow....i'm not a fan)

the DAY i get a fireplace will be the day. so for now i have to deal with
putting our stockings on a shelf....

we read a christmas carol for our book club, and i can't express how much i love that book.
charles dickens is a genuis! my cute dad reads it every year, 
and i can picture him every december sitting in his leather chair by the fire, 
reading a christmas carol in his bow tie. maybe that's why i love it so much :)

ralph has been (non-existent) this whole december from his venture fund projects, finals, 
tests, and his internship! so most nights i feel like a single lady. luckily my gal hayley
has a busy husband as well, so we had some fun making gingerbread houses!

hers was honestly adorable. we had too much fun. 

my parents house during christmas is my FAVE. 

i get my christmas obsession from this man. 

lots of invite and wedding stuff coming up in 2015! i can't wait!

me and my darling PERFECT cousin maria discovered the new 3 cups coffee shop
in holladay, and obsessed is an understatement. you will find me there in their beautiful booths
working on projects plenty this winter. everyone should go! 

ralph took me up to silver fork lodge up big cottonwood canyon one morning
to get breakfast, my favorite type of date. 

we hit up christkindlmarkt after and i could NOT believe it was december. 
i am usually frozen when i go to this, so it was a little odd, but 
made it much more enjoyable to walk around.

look at that blue sky! and i had to get their hot chocolate because they drizzle
caramel over the whole thing. sooo ya. 

one of my absolute FAVORITE traditions in december is going to the 
children's choir at the cathedral of the madeline. it is extraordinary!


date night with my helen louise. we shared a chocolate milkshake, went to a play, 
and wandered around temple square in the warm weather! i love her too much.

her favorite tree is inside the joseph smith memorial. 

we celebrated our two year proposal anniversary. and i can't even emphasize 
how much i love december 15th because of it. this was my favorite trip ever, 
i wish we could relive it! ralph made it so special and i just get butterflies thinking of it.
i think we need to start going every december in honor of this day. eh eh, ralph??
(this picture was taken maybe 5 minutes before he proposed, little did i know!)

the cutest bouquet of white spray roses on the subway.

my favorite spot on earth!

i could look at those pics all day. 
i'll stop.

my cute mom does 12 days of gifts to open leading up to christmas! 
we are spoiled, jeesh!

so i got stuck in an elevator on my way to get my ring cleaned.
big LOL. good times (with myself)

hi henny. 
his expression says how he felt about being a reindeer for the christmas card. 

happy december!