annual cabin holiday

we headed up to bear lake the next morning after thanksgiving,
as always! it is one of the best weekends of the year.
i am also just a christmas freak, and so kicking off the official christmas season
up at barth haven is the best of the best for me.

how cute is this couple? my brother and his beautiful girlfriend joelle stringing up
the lights on the fence! such a fun tradition, we like to keep everything festive :)

starting our hunt!

ralph getting his clark griswold on. 

fires up the canyon

henry taking the lead! he is always so crazy happy when we are doing this. 
he must be a barth! 

prince henry prancing all over the place. 

their tree was a beaut!

our evergreen!! 

loved waking up to this little lion in the mornings! he is the best cuddler. 

 anyone who knows bear lake knows the little town montpelier which is close by.
the store king is such a gem, and so we played a fun game friday night.
we each got a certain amount of money and had to find the best/most impressive gift
to give my dad! it was honestly so much fun. so many hidden gems in that store!

his first reaction. a little terrifying.

just the cutest brother in all the land. i love him way too much!

(joelle won! well deserved with a stocking with a darling bear embroidered
and a vintage rootbeer. it was the cutest!)

finding our treasures!

nothing like seeing all the christmas oranges. these remind me of my childhood! 

tinsel tinsel tinsel!

camo sunglasses.............

literally having the time of his life getting into everything and anything. haha!

i love waking up in this room!

another successful trip for the cabin holiday. 
we watched the best christmas movies, made cookies, went on walks, 
ate lots of yummy food, and blasted bing crosby the whole time. 
until next time barth haven!