washington d.c.

i could talk about this place for hours, i love it so much. 
it brings back fun (hot) memories of my two summers there with my cousin caroline. 
we stay with our cousin anna and her darling family! she has the most gorgeous home
in the most charming neighborhood right in d.c. it is dreaaaaamy. 

this is the private school where my cousins kids go. 

look at that little scottie dog!

red balloons. the best kind.

we spent one morning at the arlington cemetery, and made sure
ralph saw the changing of the guard. (shout out to my grandma helen louise, it's her fave!)

it rained hard one day (we got a tornado warning while we were inside
the american history smithsonian) good thing i never get sick of those museums!

i love this view and can't help but think of jenny running in that water
towards forrest gump :)

post rain on the mall. 

we rented bikes to see the monuments at night, 
and it was one of my favorite favorites things. don't worry, 
we started singing the theme song from my date with the president's daughter 
as we were riding towards the white house. and may or may not have 
watched the whole movie on youtube when we got home....
oh the days when disney original movies were actually good!

our last morning was spent at the eastern market!

gelato for breakfast, anyone?

pistachio and honey cinnamon for me, strawberry and mango for ralph
(everything we eat is always polar opposite)

aaaaaand followed later by some dark hot chocolate :) 

thanks east coast for always showing me the best time!
we'll be back!