thank you, thanksgiving

three cheers for thanksgiving, am i right?
i made a big stink about how much i love thanksgiving last year
so i will spare everyone on my normal speech.

but i do have to say what i love most about this holiday. 
if you are with those you love, and have some yummy food, it is always a success. 
no one is expecting gifts, it's always about the company and a fab meal.
other holidays don't have that simplicity, so i am especially grateful for it.

also, shout out for the two loving, kind, generous, and wonderful families we 
am so so lucky to have. i am spoiled to have such amazing people around me!

and ralph, i love you a million billion. 
...even though we were on each others last nerve for a hot second today, i still love you :)

i thought this was the first holiday in a whiiiiile i didn't go photo crazy,
but as we got home from everything and i looked on my iphone, i found a few
fun moments recorded that i hope to remember! 

went up neff's early this morning with jen. 
it was so refreshing and the best weather, and company of course :)

did you think we didn't bring prince henry? oh he came. 
and dragged us up the mountain so fast, and see all that snow? 
slip and slide the whole way down. i was honestly skiing down the
mountain basically in my non-grip running shoes. 

dropped off henry to see my cute dad racking up leaves, after making his famous pies.
he is the cutest. 

the macy's thanksgiving day parade! the most iconic parades of all time, and
i just eat it up. i can always count on the christmas commercials just giving me chills. 
(wells fargo did a daring one this year) ahem. just humor me people.

we had dinner and games at ralph's aunt and uncles home. their home is 
so beautiful, and his family is HUGE so we packed a lot of people in there. 

i love her style. it's so eclectic and classic. 

okay. this scene?!!! i don't know how i always find myself taking photos of 
his cute grandparents cooking, but it always melts my heart!

street hockey before the grub!

let's be real. i could eat that whole basket. 

afterwards we went over to my aunt and uncles home where
my family had dinner, and met them up for dessert.

soooo dreamy. 

we watched some stand up comedy and had the opportunity to hear from
some darling converts to the church who my dad invited for dinner. we listened to their stories
and it blew me away. amazing men with amazing faith. it was the highlight of my week.

and topped off the night with my dad's homemade pies. 
they are incredible to say the least!!!!!! he is the best pie maker i know. 
hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with good food and great people. 
i am a blessed gal.

(and yes, i came home at midnight and started ripping out my christmas decor!!!)