october recap

it is really freaking me out how fast time is going...
i swear it was just the fourth of july and i just took down my halloween
decorations! what! but hey, i am definitely not complaining. 
i live for this time of year.

we were "supposed" to be george and martha washington. 
i got white hair dye and let's just say....i looked like a colonial skunk so 
i quickly rewashed my hair and just went with a brunette martha. 
but who can honestly take ralph seriously in that wig. 
(it lasted a good 5 minutes on his head...can't say i blame him)
also, i went to the D.I. that morning and found that red dress, and a floral tablecloth
with white ruffles, took it over to ralph's mom's and voila! 3 hours before the party we 
had a dress. thank heavens for jeni!

spookiest house you have ever seen....huh?!

we had our annual halloween costume party with some close friends, 
it was a success! pretty easy to have fun when you have good food, costumes, and fun people.

nicole as a cat and tyler as.....nicole

mr. and mrs. west

birthday boy and pinata. so dang cute

fox and the hound

i love the classic costumes! they pulled frankenstein off perfectly. 

who can find phil? or the granny wolf?

pipey...the cutest skeleton

dracula and book worm

ariel and eric...her red hair is my FAVE

this kills me every time. 

pre utah black out game at crown burger with the fam!


best game ever with my beautiful cousin jess!

nannying my favorite little boy william! i love him sooo dang much.

my parents treated us all to a night at kingsbury hall to see thriller!

we welcomed home my cute sisters boyfriend michael who just returned home
from his mission in brazil! now we need that little blonde sister of mine to get her bum home!
i am dying without her.

spooky book club dinner hosted by catherine. butternut squash soup, salad, breadsticks
and homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream. the best!

how big of a babe is jen?? modeling (big LOL) for amy's boutique
and we proved we are the most awkward models of ALL TIME.

does anyone care about this. 


trying SO HARD not to laugh. gotta love it.
(the sweater was super comfy and warm though!)

my girl hayley brought me back this little elephant and the most AMAZING
tablecloth (i need to take a picture of it...it is flawless) home from madagascar. 
it's now my favorite little trinket in my apartment. she knows exactly what i love. 

and the best sight in anthropologie. 
bring on the jingle bells.