homemade apple cider

ah, my favorite november tradition! (minus thanksgiving)
we made homemade apple cider on the first of november, the last 
warm fall day. i promise you, this apple cider is better than candy. 

the apples this year were unbelievable. 
the sweetest, biggest and most beautiful apples i have ever seen! 
me and ralph couldn't get over it as we were picking them off the tree.

can you tell i was a little obsessed with them?

my aunt and uncle have an old fashioned apple press, which mashes and presses
the apples. we divide and conquer. some are assigned to pick apples, 
some cut and wash, and then some turn and press the apples. 

lots of helping hands!

ralph is always the "turner" and lets just say he had a few blisters
from all his hard work. glad that's not my job....... 

my cute cousin ben's wife angelee, and scotty's girlfriend joelle who we LOVE

two of my favorite humans

joelle's brother jordan visiting from santa monica!

hannah joy. the cutest little girl and natural model

the prettiest fall day!

did i mention they also make honey and raspberries in their backyard?! 

the little girls in this magical little play house. 

aaaaaand of course ralph!
i grew up playing in that very same little cottage. we would spend ALL summer long
in that little place and this backyard playing house, pretending we were orphans, pioneers,
 boarding school, you name it. i actually felt pretty nostalgic being inside it again! 

how beautiful is my mom? really though. drinking some of our well deserved cider!

we took a break from bratwurst this year and ate some big apple pizza. hit the spot. 

i am so glad ralph loves this tradition as much as me.
hope everyone else is enjoying november and gearing up for the best season of all!