happy things

1. these adorable coke cans (!!!!)

2. how beautiful is the joseph smith building? 

3. we bought an indoor trainer for our road bikes. 
best idea!! i just cruise while i watch grey's anatomy (why didn't anyone
tell me about this show. okay everyone did, i am always a few years behind...)

4. sending packages to our favorite missionaries!

6. i didn't take down my thanksgiving decor even though i was tempted, 
but i did add my little glittery tree. and it will do the trick in the mean time :) 


7. prince henry's favorite spot in my parents house. he is the watchdog. 
so i did some watch dog with him one night. (he looks so happy that i am there....) 

8. if anyone thinks this mess is a joke, it's sadly not. ralph has dubbed me as the 
messiest baker/cooker. i am working on it!!!!!
(at least it tasted good)

9. this little clementine tree at our restaurant in park city. i want one bad!

10. i was obsessed with all these cute boys socks at the temple!
 (i may have already bought ralph a few for his stocking...they are my favorite)

11. i have been eating these like a crazy person. 
they are one of my favorite parts of winter, little slices of heaven!

12. we had a pre-turkey bowl game early saturday morning with some
of our favorite people. it was SO WINDY RAINY and COLD but we started running around and
didn't notice. the einstein's hot chocolate helped during time outs :)
*please note caroline head to toe in my 93 year old grandma's jumpsuit, shoes, and coat*

13. friendsgiving! ralph and i hosted this for our close friends 
on saturday, and it was a hit! we don't have a large table 
(i covered the ping pong/pool table with kraft paper......i had to get creative)
or i would have loved to have all of our friends. one day!

everyone did such a fab job with their dishes. we went around and had random questions
drawn about gratitude/experiences in our life, and it was my favorite part. 
it was so fun to see our husbands get emotional talking about what means most to them. 
there were lots of tears, and laughs. i loved it!

14. first snow storm! the BEST way to start thanksgiving week. 
we were so excited to watch tons of snow falling from our bedroom window.

and we have the most beautiful view of mount olympus through our church windows. 
it is breathtaking! i feel so lucky to stare at it all through sacrament meeting.

15. megan's bachelorette party! it was honestly a blast. i hadn't been in a limo
in forever, and we just sang our little hearts out. i felt like i was going to prom...

yummy dinner at settebello, and back in the limo we went.
(the bride herself in a cowgirl hat with a veil. it was amazing.)

happy thanksgiving week!!!!!!