autumn in new york pt. II

ralph and i both agreed that rowing boats in central park 
was one of the best parts of the whole trip. 
central park is special for both of us, because that is where we got engaged.
(one of the BEST days of my whole life. i think about it all the time...!)
 anytime we visit it's hard not to be a highlight!

my new favorite picture! he looked adorable. 

big LOL at this rowboat selfie. 

side note. 
ralph is a competitor. ha! but really. he was secretly wishing the other
rowers would make it a was hilarious. gotta love him. 

right where we got engaged! almost 2 years later! 
had to document. 

norma's was one of the best best parts of the whole trip. 
and not just because of the food! my really good friend brooke murdock (who is basically
like an older sister to me) recommended norma's to us, but warned us that it was amazing, 
but pricey! we went back and forth, because we are poor newlyweds 

(are we still considered newlyweds?? haha i have no clue) 

but ultimately splurged, and as i was texting her for recommendations 
on what to order, i heard a little ding in my purse and saw this:

it made our whole trip! 
man, we have amazing people in our life! i am so so lucky. 
thanks brooke! you made us smile for hours and hours. 

we got there right when they were opening up the ice rink!
we were both SO tempted to do it again, because it was SO MUCH FUN. 
more fun than my little christmas loving heart can handle. 

i have a bucket list, and this is one i can't believe i hadn't crossed off yet! 
everyone knows you've got mail is my favorite movie, so it wasn't a surprise i HAD to come 
visit kathleen kelly's apartment from the movie.

(my cousins roommate asked what we were doing that day, we mentioned
we were visiting the you've got mail brownstone, and he replied, ".......people do that?"
HA! people like me :)

 i got big time chills when we got there, 
and ralph kept yelling for brinkley to make it feel more real :) 
we spent a gooooood amount of time on this porch. thanks ralph!
(if anyone wants to visit // 328 west 89th street, manhattan!) 
it won't disappoint!

we went to church there, and went to our aunt jennie's mother's ward! she is a doll.
(she is a sister missionary in the new york, new york mission) 
their organist went to julliard, so you can only imagine! ralph was secretly recording
all the songs because we were obsessed!

post church waffles

we were able to stay with my cousin michael in the CUTEST apartment 
in west village. we were in love. this was the door up to his place, and i wish 
we never had to leave. 

cute cafe right under his apartment

looking ALL OVER for kevin mccallister and eloise at the plaza hotel!
no where to be found, darn! (who else is sick of my movie references? what can i say)

we topped off new york with some juliana's pizza under the brooklyn bridge!
fun fact: this is in fact the original grimaldi's
best pizza i've ever had. 

p.s. the BEST bonus was hangin' with this girl. 
she just moved to brooklyn and started working at an awesome
graphic design company. she is big time. we loved being with linds!