and it was all yellow

for some reason, i have been more obsessed with the mountains lately
than i ever have been before. i honestly crave being there all the time.
while my parents were in europe the past two weeks,
i was in charge henry (otherwise known as prince henry...for very good reason)
and i made sure we went up every single day.

we did for two weeks straight! we tried new trails, and old favorites.
but my addiction has only grown since, and any time we have a free evening,
ralph already knows what i am hoping we can do.

the yellow is honestly striking, and so bright and vivid. it's like the
entire wasatch front is turning yellow. i am honestly in love!

this little guy. i loved watching him and only grew more attached to him
(if that was even possible...) he slept smack dab in the middle of me and ralph
for two weeks straight, and although ralph was ready for that phase to end...
i miss him being our little buddy and following me around every day. 

friday i got a text from ralph asking if i wanted to go up to silver lake.
he knows me too well. we jumped in the car, played some of my favorites tunes, 
and cruised up the canyon. i love being there with him. we are always so refreshed 
after coming back, and all our best conversations happen there. 

happy girl. 

one of many chalkboard signs for weddings this fall!

the most charming birthday dinner for our friend catherine. 

the night of priesthood, my mama and brother's darling girlfriend joelle 
(who just moved here from philidelphia!) enjoyed a night downtown eating at eva's 
on main street, shopping, and watching the heart stopping utah game at my brothers. 
we love our utes. 

ralph's family has a tradition of going up to his cousins cabin in midway 
and having a big breakfast outside, watching conference, and launching homemade rockets.
the mornings are always so crisp, and it is so beautiful up there.

ralph and rosie! ralph's darling grandparents, and his name-sake! (not including 
his other grandpa ralph) they are so in love, and so inspiring. 

yummy outside breakfast

ralph and i made this rocket 3 years ago when we were dating, and it does 
pretty well every year! all the credit should go to ralph though, i think i just painted
it and watched as he measured, and put it all together :) 

there it goes! october sky in real life!

on our way home we drove through guardsman's pass 
and it was breath-taking. i hope everyone is able to witness these 
amazing yellow aspens. 

here's to many more days spent in the mountains
before they are covered in snow!