september weekends

it is already the middle of september and i am floored!
i got butterflies in my stomach on september 1st because fall is my very 
favorite season. it is the beginning of the holidays and everything wonderful! 
the leaves are starting to change, but the past few weeks have felt like
a final goodbye to summer, and we are enjoying it to the fullest!

i spent labor day in bear lake with my parents
(ralph is the busiest human alive, i never see him due to his two internships and school! sadness)
so i spent lots of quality time giving attention to my other boyfriend (henry)

we spent last weekend nannying my favorite family! it was honestly so much fun
(i hope my children are as cute and well-behaved...) they had four beautiful blonde kids
and i loved being their mom for five days! especially this little one, william. 
oh my gosh, he stole my heart (and my sleep)

these pictures were taken when he was a little grumpy before his nap and the only thing
that would keep him entertained was staring at his face in photobooth!
he loved the sound of the camera! do i look tired? i was. 

football games are officially here! i went on a date with my mama to the utah game and we 
honestly laughed throughout the whole game. i love that woman. 

like i said earlier, ralph is so busy. i feel like a single woman most days! ha
so any chance we get to eat together (and he is home before one a.m.) i feel like celebrating.
i am taking full advantage of peach season and for dessert made a peach galette which was so tasty!

not gonna lie i am a little excited for the wedding season peak to be over
because (although i am super flattered people ask me) my hand is going to fall off soon
from addressing invitations! this happened yesterday when my hand was shaking and 
then i watched a good chunk of gossip girl to recover....

me and my gals took a beautiful hike up neff's to see the beginning peak 
of the colors changing. it was so beautiful and there are so many bursts of red! i love it. 

friday night we hit up the fair with my cousin david and his darling wife hailey. 
we love hanging out with them so much. they are moving to singapore in december so 
we are soaking up every chance we can to be with them! 

i felt like such a cowgirl.
until i went into the pig pavillion. the smell made me gag and never want to eat pork again.
then i decided i should never be a cowgirl. 

one day ralph will take a nice normal smile the first time around....

so magical!

how cute are they?
(you wouldn't know it but david was terrified of the ferris wheel ha)

more peaches! this was heavenly! david and hailey got peaches in actual cream, 
and we got ours topped with vanilla soft serve. both fantastic, and probably the healthiest 
thing at the fair (it wasn't triple fried!)

sunday morning we woke up to meet ralph's family and their friends
from north carolina at music and the spoken word down at temple square. 
it started at 9:30, and we got there at 9:30 and they wouldn't let us in! oops.
so we wandered around temple square and i couldn't help taking a few pictures.
that place is amazing.

is this REAL! 
oh my. do yourself a favor and walk around temple square before all the flowers are gone. 
it is honestly breathtaking!

now. on to making my apartment fall / halloween ready (eeeee!)