first day of fall

how i celebrate the first day of fall.
(you bet these are traditions i do every year...with myself!)

should i be embarrassed, or ashamed that i have traditions with myself?
haha i have plenty, and i am definitely not!

1. go see the colors.
2. buy a pumpkin for my apartment

3. buy a new pumpkin candle

this one is 
good thing bath and body works is a chain so everyone can cash in on this one!

i went wild and went for this one as well. 
it is a perfect blend and will go in our bedroom!

4. listen to nat king cole.
why? because i just do. this song on repeat.
i love him so much.

5. eat a fall treat
my choice this year since it was a little too warm outside to be baking.

couldn't be happier to say this officially but, 
happy fall!