take me home, country roads

jackson hole has such a big chunk of my heart. it feels like home!
i have been going every summer since i was born with all my cousins and family.
they fly in from all across the country to be together under the tetons.

my grandma, helen louise and grandpa dee williams have given us all the biggest
love for jackson, and there is just a special feeling the whole time we are there. 

i could go on and on about my love for the tetons and jackson and my cousins,
but i will just overdose on these pictures of my favorite people in my favorite place.

i went up early with my brother brad and cousin mark
where we did lots of hiking, eating, and hanging out in town before everyone else rolled in.

the best candies. sour red gummies!

how about the street name we stay on!

we went to dornan's for breakfast in moose village.
you can eat under a large teepee and get a perfect view of the tetons.

me and carol in leigh lake! the water feels so crisp and refreshing. 

teton troopers at string lake!
we canoe, paddle board, swim, and jump off the rock behind us.
each year it gets smaller and smaller, but when i was little, it was like
mount everest! it's fun to see the littles experience it like we did.

can you stand this face!!!!! he is smiling 24/7
(except the day we left, he was bawling saying goodbye to everyone!)

michael, marquet, mark and little sebastian!

me and my baby girl aliya! she grows up so much every time i see her
and is the biggest sweetheart. a big reason we go to california so much!

a cloudy ferry ride across jenny lake

cute parents

hiking to hidden falls

i could have biked with this view all day!

it's a tradition to head to the jackson hole playhouse and see their live theatre show. 
some years are better than others, (ha!) but it's always the same and fun
with the fabulous company drinking sasparillas, and eating our weight in candy and popcorn.

does ANYONE care about this?!
during intermission at the play, we noticed these two just snappin' away at each other
and posing so casually on stage. everyone was in tears at their poses. 

we went kayaking down the snake river with my cousin bridger, who lives in jackson
and was a river guide for years. it was so fun, and so much more intense not being in a big raft!
you actually feel the big waves and it is so much easier to fall out!

my hero


trying to rally these troops for a picture is quite the task.

ralph is officially a teton trooper!

my mom and i made these shirts and it was so fun to 
see everyone sporting the official teton trooper logo. 

jane is a KICK. honestly there is no other little gal like her.
she was a tad obsessed with ralph.

if you can't tell...ha! love that popsicle stained face :)

8 out of 10 smiles with this group. pretty good accomplishment :)

the grandchildren!

the clan!!!! love them all so dang much. 

we spent the last day in town getting breakfast and wandering the shops, 
and the farmers market. it's the best one! fresh lavender, specialty cheeses, flowers, and food.

leaving town and heading home! my brother brad summed up that day perfectly,
"the day we leave jackson and everyone goes home is the worst day of the year."
SO TRUE. it's so hard to leave!

the lady responsible for it all. 
and her famous line we grew up on, 
"look at those tetons, aren't they something?"

we love you grandma. and we love the tetons. 
until next year!