farewell summer

well folks, summer is coming to a close.
not to say that i am not excited for fall (I AM GIDDY) but it was 
such a fun and crazy busy summer. it all feels like a big blur since we had
something every single night. i honestly think there were two nights we were free
from homework, projects, or obligations. crazy! 
i was uploading all the pictures from my iphone to my laptop and even though they 
aren't all the best quality, they are some great memories from our fleeting summer. 
(warning // lots and lots of pictures)

pretty summer nights in salt lake

cath's mother/daughter bridal shower thrown by piper. 
homemade butter mints (!!!!)

sending finished envelopes to a bride to be // rainy view from my office window!
not mad.

beautiful books and my favorite little nook in my new place

dishes and dessert at piper's home

my favorite day on google // pretty sunflower heaven at trader joes

cath's reception // peach binging every day

chick fil a heaven after a wedding // our friend janessa is an unreal baker, she 
made all these different cakes for us to try! best night ever. 

not usually a big fan of donuts, but these old fashioned ones got my attention. so good!
and ralph teaching very valuable lessons to our primary class.........

the best night with friends thrown by my amazing mother in law 
for me and olivia's birthdays. she never ceases to amaze me!

visiting this boy at school in the business building (k WHAT it is so nice. 
the art building is in shambles and that building was luxurious ha! not fair)
and we have been loving our juicer! 

check this off the bucket list! jen and i ran to the red butte concert series because 
sarah mclachlan was performing! we were on the hill behind the concert (because we are poor)
but i got chills hearing her live. one of my favorites. 

okay. donuts again. these were flawless.
and i love visiting my mama at her new job working at her best friend's boutique!

night tennis and getting teased by my mom for the fact 
that ralph and i text as if we are still dating all day long. oops

ralph in summer school and internships // and me working on future projects (i am ridiculous)

so many good fireworks shows this year and summer softball league! 
we WON the whole league, and ralph got the best hitter in the league. 
he got a very frightening jersey/thing as a prize, but everyone was very impressed. 

more wedding signs and my neon orange nail polish. 
my brother brad kept calling me a construction worker....

maybe no one else loves typography as much as me, and mayyyyybe i tried making
my favorite pizza from pizzeria limone? (it was pretty good. just sayin')

i love my mama's living room and i love my babe of a friend cath. 
she is everything classy and wonderful. 

downtown and ralph falling asleep anytime he sits on a couch
(poor guy, so busy)

office at october ink and you guys, i didn't wear pearl earrings one day. 
ralph didn't believe me.

family backyard parties with neighbors, homemade scones, and guitar singin'. 
also, me and ralph after helping clean up after a wedding lookin' real snazzy......

the best kind of packages, and the most beautiful wedding dinner up 
millcreek canyon at log haven. 

being spoiled in the bee's game box with my cousins (thanks uncle pete!)
and making three 20 foot banners until the wee hours of the morning for a 24th of july float!

book club by caroline for language of flowers (i recommend!) 
and branding for october ink / using my body parts

how cute are my parents?
and the best meal...
wienerschnitzel (the meat), kartoffelsalat (the potato salad...it will change your life), and 
napfkuchen rezept! (the bundt cake...also, insanely good.)
 all my german favorites!

upside down heart sparkler (???) and pretty hikes to pretty lakes

cute room at barth haven and pretty summer roses. 

you were warned about the picture overload. 
but none the less, it was a good one!
thanks summer.