abigail louise

i stumbled across my facebook and found the old "write twenty things about yourself" thing
and found it thoroughly entertaining. it was crazy how it was almost exactly the same!

i'm not a gal of much change, i guess.

i thought i would document a more updated one on here, mainly for my own personal 
enjoyment in years to come. if you know me well, none of these things will be a surprise. 
and if you don't know me at all, well, here are some quirky things about me.
(i'm beginning to see how weird i really am)


 i wish it was autumn all year round (plus christmas)

my middle name louise is very special to me because i share it with my hero and grandma, helen louise.
(hence, the name of this!)

i prefer rainy/cloudy days over sunny ones.

when i am on trips, one of my absolute favorite things to do is visit historical homes. 

i listen to the same music as your grandma and your dad (big band and oldies) think i am kidding?
just drive with me somewhere. you'll get ella fitzgerald or simon & garfunkel, etc.

i think i was born in the wrong time period sometimes...(can you tell?)

i could eat mexican food for every meal.
(i was born on cinco de mayo, and my mom craved it her whole pregnancy with me! who knew)

i think my life would be 5% better if i had an english accent.

i secretly believe tom hanks and meg ryan are happily married and living inside the you’ve got mail movie.

i also secretly believe audrey hepburn is my best friend.

cinnamon bears are my jam (and every type of fruit).

candles, flowers, and paintings. enough said. (ralph knows what to get me for life)

i can beat ralph in two things. tennis and cards. that's it. but he is on to me,
that might change soon. (the tennis thing...the card thing will never happen :) )

i will jump at the chance to go to the grocery store. i love wandering the aisles and 
dreaming up recipes and future dinner parties.

i'm probably the only girl you know who's hands and feet aren't always freezing cold.
opposite! i would wake up my room mates by turning on ice cold water in
the tub in the middle of the night (dead of winter, mind you) because my feet were so hot!

if you don’t already think i am a little crazy then don’t bring up the following:
the macy’s thanksgiving parade, anything christmas, little women + the sound of music, or disneyland.
you will absolutely be convinced that no one should love things as much as i will begin to tell you i love them.

i was on a chinese game show when i lived in china. yes, it happened. and yes, it was amazing.

i love antiques and anything historical, have already started designing my future home,
and have to slap my hand from buying my future kiddos clothing. 

i have a very serious, in depth bucket list that has had a lot of sweat and work put into it :)

last but not least. don’t ever offer me seafood. i’ll probably tell you i’m allergic.