not too late

a few nights ago as i was folding laundry, we watched the movie last love
it is filmed in paris and is a tender story about an older man who is 
recovering from the heart break of his passing spouse. 
(his apartment is to die for p.s.)

as the ending credits rolled, they played norah's jones song not too late
and both ralph and i just sat there in silence listening to it until it ended.

norah jones is just one of those singers that can do no wrong in my eyes, 
i'm never not in the mood for her voice, and some of her songs will always be a favorite.
that voice! so milky, rich, and deep in a old hollywood sort of way.

anyways, that song has been on repeat since then, so i thought i'd share.

i also threw some of my latest faves on this list because well, why not :)