it's friday, i'm in love

i love this guy. 
like really, really, love this guy. 

we also love the show about time
ralph is so passionate about it, (ha) that any time anyone comes 
over to our apartment, he insists we drop everything to watch it. 
(we watched it back to back one night, not kidding)

i have commented several times how much i love this little black dress rachel mcadams 
wears in the tube station. i opened his laptop screen the other day to find this:

he was searching the web to try and buy me that exact dress.
i almost busted into tears. 

as you can see, you can't get it, but i couldn't care less about the dress.
things like that overpower any gift in the world.

i love you, ralph.
thanks for loving me, too.

*since it is friday, it's almost mandatory you listen to this song, too.
which i am just realizing happens to be in that movie! that was actually 
completely unintentional but worked out quite nicely!*