happy july first!

happy july!
i am thrilled to see this month come. 
i get butterflies when i think about the fourth of july this friday. serious butterflies!
we are headed up to barth haven which means fireworks over the lake, hamburgers, 
boating, and hanging our beautiful american flag from the cabin. 

so, i am a big time dork and love making playlists for...well any reason, really.
and these are some of my most favorite patriotic songs.

 i know, i know. there is no katy perry or miley cyrus 
because to be perfectly honest, i am an oldies music girl and although 
those are fun too, these songs scream america and my childhood summers. 

i hope you enjoy and wear your red white and blue all weekend while
eating lots of pie, homemade ice cream, and singing the star spangled banner.
you know that's what i'll be doin.

listen to this playlist here on my spotify!