america the beautiful

can you see why they call bear lake the caribbean of the rockies?
check out that water! it doesn't quite feel like the caribbean, ha! nice and refreshing though :)

the only way i am getting through this week is reminiscing our patriotic weekend 
up at barth haven in bear lake. what a weekend! sad it's over. so i am
going to post a thousand pictures to make myself feel better.  

if you know me, you know my summers aren't complete without my tigers blood and cream
sno cone. i was ecstatic to say the least when we saw a sno cone shack pop up in raspberry square!

the boys woke up around 5:30 (!!!) to go golfing early on the fourth. 
dedication. ralph will literally do anything to go golfing. tad obsessed.
meanwhile, the girls got some yummy breakfast going for when they returned.

lots and lots of water time. 
(and yes, we carried that american flag with us everywhere we went on the 4th)

outdoor movie ready for the sandlot premiere!

we were ready!

all the cute girls! 

SO much effort to get them to stand still for this photo. 

classic bear lake seating

flags everywhere to you looked!

d-wall ball tournament.

let's just say phil and ralph were on a team and me and jen were on a team. 
husbands vs. wives got a liiiiiiittle intense 

maria and i getting ready for the show on the dock

nothing like listening to ray charles and hearing those loud booms raise to the sky
over the lake. ah i love the fourth!

games games games!

just best buds. endless entertainment with these two together

more yummy breakfasts made my parents!

right before we left, ralph and i took a nice and toasty bike ride.
it was 97 degrees. 97 degrees! the views made it well worth it. 

and there you have it. more pictures than you probably wanted to see
of my weekend, but it's kinda in my dna to take a gazillion pictures. can't help it!