one year anniversary!

one year!
when i say that out loud, it sounds like it came so quickly. 
but when i start to look back on everything we have done this past year, 
i believe it! we packed these months in with a lot, and it has been a dream. 

we decided to switch off years planning the anniversary, and this year was my turn. 
i was a little nervous because well, i have never had an anniversary so i was 
a little lost at what i wanted to do. i did know that we have been go-go-go all summer, 
so relaxing was the keyword.

i decided on a staycation in downtown salt lake at the grand america!
that hotel is truly amazing. we loved every second, and i couldn't stop staring
at the gorgeous chandeliers and fancy details. 

ralph kills me in this picture.

first time we have seen the sun all summer!

we took a walk through city creek, then up to our 
restaurant up by capital hill. it was gorgeous!!! 

our charming little restaurant!

i wouldn't be surprised if this became an anniversary spot tradition, we loved it!
we got a scoop of their homemade toffee-almond ice-cream and homemade strawberry sorbet!

walking through temple square on our way back.
the heat reminded us of our wedding day a year ago then. nice and toasty :)

the staff at the grand knew it was our anniversary and treated us like royalty. 
they brought us plates and forks for our cake, accompanied with the tuxedo 
strawberries and a rose. they know how it's done!

my sweet mama kept this frozen and sealed in her freezer this entire past year
and we were both a liiiiiiittle bit skeptical about how it would taste. 
it was AMAZING. tasted just as good and fresh a year later. i am not kidding! it was perfect.

i am a big fan of tradition.
(if ya can't tell) so eating our cake, and following the traditional anniversary gifts 
wasn't even a question. 
the first anniversary gift is paper!
so i decided to make a book and highlight each month with my favorite memories from them.

i packed in my favorite pictures, notes, movie tickets, etc. from the month 
in the envelope. i could't be further from a don't judge. 

peace out grand. i took 800 pictures of the beautiful marble.

we ended our celebration with brunch at the little america, and ralph
got his first pedicure. it was hilarious. 
BIG fan of anniversaries!!!