oh, summer.

well here it is the middle of june, and i am still waiting for 
my summer to kick in. don't get me wrong, i am loving the warm weather, 
watermelon, and the fact that the sun sets at 9 pm...
but my daily activities aren't exactly the summers i have had in the past.

this is the whitest i have ever been in june (big tear)
because let's be honest. who has time to get sun kissed at the pool anymore? 
or even see the sun?!

but, even though i have hardly any time to do (well, hardly anything) because
i am working almost 4 different jobs...i am trying to make the best of every night and 
squeezing every ounce of summer i can out of these next few months!
(before the best season of all comes, yes i am already giddy about the fall)

but summer, you are good too. even though you only exist in 
fleeting moments of my week.

my mama has the prettiest dishes and always has a pretty treat
for us on sunday nights. 

spent my friday night up in the timberlakes at piper's cabin.
which was so retro and amazing. we were up all night bachelorette-ing for cath babes 
wedding next week. it was so fabulous.

going on walks are my favorite! something i am trying
to do whenever i get a free evening. 

good thing my cute family loves them, too. we just talk about 
the houses as we walk along and i envision how i would flip it around to be 
even cuter. (dork moment)

my mother in law, and sister in law olivia and i  have started helping cute brides 
plan their weddings! it has been so fun. saturday was the first one, and
we were running around with our heads cut off, but it was so gorgeous and a success!

look at that HOUSE.

loved hangin with the babe all day! 

jeni and i made a bunch of signs for the reception, i just did the lettering 
but she painted! she is amazing.

it was so dreamy at night, and such a fun atmosphere.

i love our cute dads, and found this little ship in a bottle at west elm, 
and it seemed perfect for their desk at home or work. 
i am a sucker for pretty trinkets!

we whipped together some homemade cards, and
some of my favorite pictures of the two of them from our wedding night. 
they look so cute in their grey suits and bow tie!

but most of all, i love being with this guy. 
even though our weeks are so crazy busy with work, school, internships, 
night classes...(really, it is insane) my favorite part of the day is going 
home to see him. we took a long nap falling asleep to my favorite album 
and this song after church, and it was the best part of my week. 
happy summer!