mountain sleepover

this past weekend was one of the best by far we have ever had!
mainly because when i looked at my calendar and saw zero plans or obligations on friday,
i took full advantage! i told ralph to pack his bags and get ready to have a 
sleepover in the canyon. 

we drove to the top of big cottonwood canyon, surprised to find
lots of snow and mud on the trail where we were planning to camp.

big LOL.

so, we decided against sleeping next to snowflakes and to go back down to find a better option.
(i was calf high in mud at one point...honestly it was a hilarious experience.
haha i am laughing just thinking about it)
haha! on to the better part of the campout.
don't let ralph's face fool you.
i promise he loved it, he told me five times :)

that was the easy part. big cottonwood canyon has so many 
amazing side meadows and trails with everything blooming and
gorgeous aspens everywhere! 
(i have a big thing for aspen trees, the are like twinkle lights!)

our hotel for the night. 

we played cards. i am pretty good at it. 
(one of the only things i can beat ralph repeatedly at)

inside our little tent and the morning view. not too shabby!

this is where we camped. amazing.

see the twinkling! ah!

it was such a fun night, and i loved having ralph all to myself
in the beautiful outdoors just hangin' out, with no real agenda. 

i think we will be back pretty dang soon, mountains. 
thanks for letting us sleepover at your place.