newlywed apartment

well the time has come, and gone. 
we are officially moved out of our newlywed apartment. 
although it is a good thing (our landlords were...weird) 
and we are loving our new place, i, of course am sentimental and 
was a tad sad leaving the first place we called home as husband and wife. 

this was what the little apartment looked like when we first moved in! 
crazy what a little paint will do to a place. 

 being completely dramatic, i couldn't help but think of everything as The Last.

this is the last time i will take a bubble bath in this bathtub!
this is the last time we will eat our dinner underneath the big window!
this is the last time i will cook eggs on this stove!
this is the last time i will watch a movie in this apartment, while it's raining! on a tuesday!

it only got a more obnoxious as time went on, 
luckily our last night happened before i actually knew it was our last night...
which was a blessing to all parties involved.. (cough cough, ralph)
and not having to listen to me say for the 100th time, 
"i can't believe this is the last time we...!!! (blah blah blah)"

none the less, i will always look back so fondly on our days in the 
apartment with the larger than life window that beautifully
show-cased every glorious utah season so perfectly. i will miss seeing the fall leaves 
take over the huge window, waking up and seeing a million snow flakes falling, 
or the cherry blossoms sprouting in the spring. 

it was perfect!

but i'd be lying if i said i really cared where we lived, 
as long as ralph is my roomie, i will love it anywhere.

bye bye newlywed apartment!