in these woods

i got a surprise drop-off by my darling friend catherine, just because!
she knew these were some of my favorite flowers so she brought them over. 
talk about thoughtful!

i woke up early and made my mom some breakfast in bed!

this was henry's face when he realized this breakfast was not for him...

mothers day highlight was talking to the two cutest sister missionaries
in all the land! my little sister is on the top in northern california, and ralph's little sister
is on the bottom in nova scotia! they are so so cute and i loved seeing their happy faces.
(i especially loved seeing my sister speaking amazing spanish! wow!)

went to a fancy dancy beautiful wedding for my cute friend britney at the grand america.
it was magical!

me and my babe nicole 

love finding some of my favorite things mixed. illustrations + new york!

we had a date night at the temple with maria and spencer. that temple is 
honestly gorgeoussss! i love being there.

our primary class! we are leaving them since we moved, and i am so sad!
they are so entertaining and me and ralph die laughing at what they come up with.

we had them make cards for their darling mama's for mother's day.

i am going to miss these munchkins!

family home evening with nicole, tyler and baby norah! delicious dessert from normandie bakery, 
and watched the adjustment bureau. gosh, i love them!

me and jen bird went up neff's canyon for a sunset hike. 
it was honestly the prettiest night, and it was so fun showing jen 
my favorite canyon since she had never been.

how is may almost over! time is going way too fast.