david + hailey's wedding

my cousin got married this weekend and it was fabulous. 
he married the classiest and most beautiful girl on the planet, 
and we got to party all weekend with my cousins from boston, laguna, and new york.
 it was a dream! i kinda love my cousins a lot. 

my little cousin owen. can you stand that face! 
he is never not smiling or laughing. serious! even if he cries for a second, you smile 
and he will start laughing. crossing my fingers our future children are like him...
(highly doubt it but i can wish)

one more for good measure. 
(i call him obi wan kenobi and he calls me padme from star wars. 
also, picture a little darling voice singing the les miserables soundtrack. 
ugh. miss this little california blondie already!)


helen louise and abigail louise!
she is the most perfect, beautiful person i know. 
i am happy to be her name-sake :)

i know, i know. can we stand them.


my cousin michael is a hoot. i am sad he lives in manhattan, so far!
another excuse to visit...!

my cute brother and sister-in-law!

congratulations to this incredible couple! 
they are off honeymooning in paris. lucky ducks!
we love you david and hailey!