cinco de mayo

wow, there is nothing like a birthday to have a reminder of how 
sweet and amazing everyone in your life is. 

all my cousins were still in town from a family wedding, so we all played badminton and 
had root beer floats (one of my favorites!) the night before.

what kind of missionary sends a package for someone else??

i woke up to ralph making me breakfast, and opened my package from my sister.
gosh i miss her! i was in tears reading her letter. 

after i pulled myself together, ralph gave me picture of a rode bike. (!!!!)
we were going to pick one out just for me! 

i took a spinning class this past semester and loved it. 
also, ralph and i rode on his parents rode bikes a few times last summer and we sorta fell in love with it, 
and that we could do it together! we have always talked about getting some of our own, 
but now i can't believe he went ahead and did it! i was shocked.

we jumped in the car and headed to 9th and 9th to get my bike! 
not gonna lie...the clip in shoe thing is a little terrifying but i am so excited.
everyone keeps telling me i will have about five hard falls before it becomes natural....

perfect. can't wait. (blank stare)

he really is the most thoughtful guy in the world. 

we headed to a new fun restaurant downtown for lunch

he LOVES having his picture taken :) haha cannot get over his fake smiles

after my darling mother took me to city creek to go shopping with her and my aunts. 
then we got our nails done! my aunt from boston had never had a pedicure in her life. 
and only two manicures for her kids weddings!!! we about died and drove straight there.

since 1) i was born on cinco de mayo and 2) i love mexican food 
more than anything, it was only appropriate for ralph and i to go to taqueria 27.
their chips and salsa are on a different level!

i have the cutest and most thoughtful friends in the world, 
we got together and i can't stop thinking about the tres leche cake we ate.
 oh my land. i couldn't get enough. they have made my birthday special since freshman year
of high school. seriously, they have always gone above and beyond!

my forever roomies (i still call them that even though ralph is my perma-roomie)
these darlings spoiled me to death!!!!! (and that dessert ...banana cream pie from dodo.
graham-crackery-cheesecakey-banana-creamy-straight-from-heaven kinda thing.

they ordered dodo take out and got me my favorite salad the dirty bird
and just made me feel like an angel all night! they all have the best taste, and got me the sweetest 
and most thoughtful gifts and just made me feel so special. gosh, i love them!

luckiest girl in the world!