on thursday i graduated and got a bachelor in fine arts!
it was an awesome day, and i felt so loved by having so many people
come and support me that day. i guess this means i am officially a graphic designer :)

p.s. say hello to more pictures than you ever wished to see of me in a graduation robe.
(because since the laptop stealing incident, i am a little paranoid of losing pictures.)

can you say spoiled beyond belief?

this is my person. 

these people are the most incredible souls you will meet. 
i don't know how i landed these two perfect people as my parents, but i am so thankful!
anything great in my life is all credited to these two.

my grandma's.
they have lead the most incredible lives with so much success,
but not without a lot of hardship and sacrifice for their families. they are the spunkiest, 
healthiest, happiest, smartest, most beautiful women out there. i will gladdddly take their genes!

i got to graduate with these babes who have filled my college career
with the best memories. (maria really graduated from westminster, 
but we made her put on the robe because she is a graduate regardless!)

these brothers of mine blow me away with their ambition and success. 
they are both brilliant and are constantly helping me be better. 

both these two are so accomplished!
my uncle greg is amazing neurologist and my aunt karen is a speech 
pathologist from harvard, and still lives in boston. so lucky to have them there!

the reale girls are my cousins that are really my sisters. 
they have supported me through everything i have ever done or wanted to do. 

i get to call these beauties mine! i won the lottery with in-laws. 
they have made me feel like their own and i love them more than anything!

is she not the prettiest little thing. 

lindsay is going to be my claim to fame. 
she is moving to new york to put her incredible design skills to work. 
i will see her stuff everywhere and get to be like, i know her!!

what a happy day. and happy life with these people in mine!
now, cheers to no more homework ever!!!