barth haven

why do holiday weekends have to end!!!
i am furious about it! except, now that memorial day has happened, summer is officially coming! 

after our perfect weekend, ralph and i drove home from bear lake yesterday, and the drive consisted of:

 1. ralph singing (um, belting) spanish songs 75% of the time
2. our summer schedule planning meeting (it was a super official meeting)

it helped the pain of leaving and knowing what fun stuff is ahead. 
a.k.a our one year anniversary (!!!) 

i painted this sign for the garage as a christmas gift for my dad, 
we finally put it up now that the snow is all gone. it's official!

our little cabin/cottage tucked in bear lake canyon. pretty cute, huh!

first day we got there, ralph and i took prince henry on a walk in our little neighborhood. 
our little place is tucked right behind the barn in the canyon!

can you stand it? a fairytale. 

henry was starstruck with the horses. usually he gets so hyper and crazy
when he see's other animals, but this was hilarious. he could not stop staring!! ha!

my adorable mama and papa! we loved double dating with them all weekend, 
and triple dating when caroline + grady came down to hang with us.

ray bans all around!

see you in a few weeks barth haven!