the bright side

i could say this till i am blue in the face that april has
 not been my month, (ahem) but just like in anything in this life, there are always things 
to be grateful for. no matter your circumstance.
 here are some of my favorite things to end off april.
(i am ready ready ready for you may)

 maria and jen took me to a beautiful week-early birthday breakfast at the darling
norwegian breakfast cafe, finn's! they always have a little vase of fresh flowers and 
the most beautiful light that pours through the windows. 

see what i mean! cute place!

packing up my kitchen. 
ralph's note is maybe my favorite part of this place. 
i woke up to it one random morning and it has made my day ever since!

moving = not buying groceries and buying take-out (delicious take-out i must add)
and eating it on the floor! it was one of those darling newlywed moments i 
always kinda dreamed of. 

i must say, i have been spoiled this past year with having 
the most amazing large windows and view in our apartment. 
the light! it is amazing! early one morning it was hitting these ranunculus and 
made my heart kinda stop.

i discovered watercolor pens at the art store and i am kinda 
loving my life since they walked in mine. so fun and your writing becomes
a little unpredictable with the big brush. i love it!

i made awesome graduation invitations....*on my old computer*
so i had to hurry and remake some (not as awesome and rushed)
but they had to be printed and sent out, so they will do. 
i brought henry as reinforcement and he was a big troublemaker but fun as always.

maybe i never noticed how amazing the spring blooms are but they are 
everywhere and big and beautiful! 

i can't wait to get settled in our new place and get our juicing on!
we have had a few distractions since we purchased it, but i am excited
to shove vegetables down ralph's throat through some yummy juice.
wish me luck.....