schools for fools

well folks, i am done with school. forever. 

i finished my art history exam on thursday at precisely 11:53 p.m. 
(april 24th, 2014 to be exact) 

even though i am thrilled beyond belief, it wasn't as victorious of a finale as i was imagining.
in my head, i would finish the conclusion of my essay, throw my paper in the air, 
run through the halls (towards freedom), burst through the wooden doors, and do some
sort of victory dance with a marching band shooting confetti out of their trumpets 
holding a big banner that said, "abigail, you are a champion! "

or something?

shocking enough, it didn't happen like that.
i finished before others, so i sort of got up quietly, handed my blue book to the professor, 
and kinda just walked out. i took one look at the art building and shuffled among other
students, still frantically studying and stressed over finals. 
(where was the band?!)

but, despite the extremely anticlimactic ending, i am done!
even though i have been counting down the days, hours and minutes to this moment, 
i did have a little sentimental moment ('s part of who i am to be sentimental)
and thought about just how many hours and hours i have spent in that building. 
i have grown so much as a person, and i smiled as i imagined my 19 year old self
walking in that building for the first time 4 years ago submitting my portfolio
terrified to apply for the graphic design program. 

(oh man, my cute and had-no-idea-what-i-was-getting-myself-into self)

some things i can finally laugh about:

// slicing half my thumb with a paper cutter at 2 am and bleeding all over the final project
// my dog walking over my final project with his muddy feet 30 min. before it was due
// pulling at least 30 all nighters (i kid you not)
// driving around the entire salt lake valley in the middle of the night
to find a 24 hour print shop. bursting into tears on main street and broadway
and calling ralph at 4 am when kinkos printed everything completely wrong
// having a sleepover at the library...minus the sleep part?
// a  project ruined by one bad exact-o knife cut. frustration to no end.
// the amount of capes worn by students in the art building never ceased to amaze
(and any sort of tim burton apparel. they can't get enough)
// art professors love concept. and i got amazing at telling insane and bizarre reasons behind my art
(weirder...the better. they ate my off-the-cuff stories up! couldn't take myself seriously)
// spending $1568236 on art supplies and gas to go back and forth to the store
// watching my entire portfolio fly out of my hands and onto the rainy ground 
moments before my senior portfolio review. and saying bad words. 
// the hours and hours of critiques spent on a single poster or typeface. HOURS.
// more and more critiques...and more and more critiques
//....and how could i forget finishing off the 4 years having all of that work stolen (yippee)

(lindsay...a design wizard and my bff in the program. 
she's pretty much incredible at anything she touches.)

kalvin...the sweetest guy and most amazing illustrator

these people are so talented and creative. honestly.
i wish you could all see their portfolios.
(i'd show you mine but, some dude in a brown astro van has it)

i loved my time at the university of utah
and am honored to work with such amazing people.

let's make this official and go to graduation!