hi april

well hello there april! 
i have been so so excited to see you...
but also dreading you a little bit at the same time.
april means the last month of college for me...ever!
which is very exciting until i remember my to-do list to actually get to graduation.
i keep telling my family, graduation is tentative until i get a thumbs up from the university :)

march was crazy crazy crazy.
filled with school, work, lots of sick days, some bad news...
(which actually turned into good news...thank you prayers!!)

i started an internship at this pretty awesome company denik.
i have been designing patterns for their journals which has actually been theraputic
...and they are pretty great guys to work with. win win!

this rug is in the lobby of denik. 
it is pretty and makes my day every time i see it!

bright little daffodils have been popping up all over the place and i love it!
spring is springing!

hey main street. you are pretty charming if i do say so myself. 

apartment hunting downtown!
yes this was part of the bad news. 
(not the downtown part...the apartment hunting part)

pretty much cried when i walked into this one. 
it was screaming to me for 10 zillion different reasons. 

loved celebrating this beauty's birthday. 
she is such an incredible friend and i am so so lucky to have her. 

opening day is a big day.
i love baseball. what else is new? we all know this. 
so i insisted on making the delicacy of all ball parks. hot dogs! 
ralph thanked me for this idea. 

this is what i ended my run to one early morning. 
man, i need to wake up this early more often if this is what i am missing!

picked up my cap and gown with this babe and cousin jess.
surreal and almost cried of happiness (and because they were giving away free candy)
*except that the fine arts tassel is dark brown. i mean, come on. 
aren't art students the only ones who care about that stuff?*

these little stinkers seem to find their way into my mouth
way more frequently than they should. 
will i be stopping this addiction? 
let's be real.
probably not till after the easter bunny comes. 

happy april!