happy birthday husband

happy (late) birthday to my sweetheart!
we were busy vacationing on his birthday in laguna
but i wanted to write down a few reasons why i love this guy.
i could easily write a novel, but i will try and show some self control.

1. i love that the second i get in the car, he switches the radio station from country to oldies 

2. i love how sparkly his eyes get the second we go inside any sports arena or watches espn, 
he is a sports nut

3.  i love his even-tempered personality. he is the least moody, grumpy person i have ever met
(he will break out into song at any random moment)

4. you will never hear him gossiping or talking badly about anyone.
even if someone hurts my feelings, he always turns it around and helps me feel better without tearing down the other person. it honestly is amazing and something i admire!

 5. he is so sensitive to me and my feelings...he always makes sure i am happy and taken care of

6. his notes and letters are so thoughtful and my most prized possessions

7. he is so easy to please. he doesn't need a fancy vacation or expensive things to make him happy

8. the only time i have seen him cry is from laughing too hard

9. i am not exaggerating when i say he is a child at heart. 
chicken fingers, juice boxes, any disney movie...he loves it!

10. but at the same time he is a numbers and math nerd and loves the stock market, analyzing, 
and budgeting (!!!) 

11. the second you meet him, you feel so comfortable around him, like you have known him for years!
my cousins, friends, and family all can't believe they haven't known ralph their whole lives
i never worry about leaving him with anyone, or anyone liking him.

12. i love how clean and tidy he is. his drawers and closet is constantly perfectly organized and neat.

13.  he has the best attitude and is so humble. he doesn't take anything, including himself, too seriously and is always willing to make fun of himself

14. he wakes up with a smile on his face every single morning and has me laughing in seconds

15. he is so thoughtful. everything is done down to the last detail of something i would love

16. (in my opinion) he has the cutest smile and dimples in all the land

 17. he drink a coke, or eats nerds and snickers any chance he can get 
(lets just say i don't think he has a clue what kale is)

18. he is good at everything...it can get annoying because i will think i am kinda good 
at something, then i will play with ralph...

19.  he has so much energy and is always up for any adventure

20. every night before we go to bed he says, "you're beautiful, you know that right?"

i love you darling ralph!!!!!